"Dent Therapist does it right!  I've always known paintless dent repair existed but have never needed it until last month. When a co-worker "bumped" my car with the work van. There was a pretty huge dent in my passenger side quarter panel. I called other PDR companies and they said it was impossible to fix because of it's proximity to the gas cap door. 

Then I called Dent Therapist. 

They are genuinely nice guys. They took a good, hard look at the dent and decided it was worth trying to fix. These guys do great work and they stand behind it. My car looks soooo much better now!

If you need dents repaired definitely contact Dent Therapist!"

-Jamie Cunningham

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Dent Therapist of Nashville Paintless Dent Repair

1515 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 103 - Nashville, TN 37210


Dent Therapist did an awesome job! I had numerous dents and scratches on multiple panels of my white car. They completed the job in one day and you couldn't even tell there was previous damage when they were done. Highly recommend!  - Tristan Woody

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Music City, Tennessee!